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Russians of Alaska

Alexander: It is a pity. I am looking through Russian Alaska forums for hope to meet samething we up in Russia have lost probably. Even few Russians are part of the Russian world - no matter where they did live. What kind of usage is located in such a political sort farting about trading Alaska to USA? For Russians, like me, the Russia-motherland is really the most important thing. Such kind of men are quite enough in this country - trust me, I have met them in Chechen republic in early 2000. Alaska is a part of USA, and there are no topices to discuss. Insinuations about bad, fool and lazy Russians are not realistic and based on political desires. But I want to say about another thing, which is not a kind of global one. I am watching TV, looking through forums of yours, and I can see, I guess, a happy people in traditonal clotheses, named in russian way and speaking in my native language. And I think - they are Russians, may be more Russians than we are in Russia. I wander, haw can they preserve russian identity in the face of other culture pressure? Really, they have a secret we need very much to save ourselves in the face of the same pressure. At the begining I have said "it is a pity" - I mean a feel of sorrow if Russians of Alaska are just one more tribe making barbarian dancing befor touristes, and live whith deep gratitude to USA government to let them live. If someone answer, I will be glad. Sorry, for my English. Alexander.

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geleada: Ну да ладно, дадим шанс.

geleada: Половина написанного не понятна, изложите , пожалуйста, мысль на русском

Администратор Eve: geleada опасаюсь на русском будет такая же абракадабра, как и на английском. Потоки мыслей обо всем в куче :-).

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